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Jim Morse
Hello! Just a little about me. I live in Senecaville, Ohio. I am self employed and enjoy just about everything! Life is too short not to enjoy every day!

God has given each of us only a certain amount of sunrises, and I want to see every one!

This is how I got started!

     In the late 1980's I made my first trip to Maine just to see what it was like. I met a man named Norman Curtis who owned the hotel I stayed at. He was a skilled hunter and a great woodsman. He told me that if I wanted to go hunting I should call him.

     A few years later, in the mid 1990's I called and made the trip to go bear hunting. I have been hooked ever since.
     I was there only a day and a half when I realized that this was not like hunting anything else that I had hunted before.
     Everyone there was very helpful, Lynwood, Eric, Art, and Norman. They were willing to teach me everything!
     After hunting with Norman a year, he asked me to get my guide licence and help him at his camp. I continued to hunt with him every year until 1999.  I decided then to get my licence and work with him. Unfortunately, in the spring of 2000 Norman died.

     I waited a couple of years and finally decided to do it on my own! Now I have my own guide service, NORTH COUNTRY ADVENTURES! Mainely Good Times!


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