2014 Hunting Season Photos
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Big Bear Lodge 2015

  Big Bear Lodge ... Deblois, Maine


  Thank You Hunters of 2015! 



Brad Pellgreen, PA ***** First bear of the season!

Ryan Briggs, Fairfield Il., Good shooting Ryan!

Tom Olsen, Courtland Ohio, Got Him!!! Oldest Hunter / First Bear!! Good Shooting!

Danial Weaver and his Good Luck Charm Lovina!!!Lucky Guy!!

Danial Weaver, Brinkhaven, OH, His "Good Luck Charm" worked!!!

Sam Yoder, Danville, Ohio Nice Bear! Good Shooting!

Charles Chambers, Good Shooting and Thank's for all the Help!!!

John Detweiler, Windsor, Ohio. Good Shooting! Nice Bear!

Raymond Byler, Middlefield, Ohio Good shooting! Waiting is the Hardest Part!

You Meet the Best People at Bear Camp!!

First Bear this Week! Everyone is Waiting for Their's!!!

Two "Great Ladies" got their Bears Last Year 2014!

Happy Hunters!

Big Bear Lodge.....Deblois, Maine

Sunset over Blueberry Fields

Lead Mountian

Fresh Lobster!

Happy Hunter!

Wild Blueberries

Dave Snyder with some Mackerel on Fly Rod in Salt Water!

Bear Claw

Bear Looking for Food!

Atlantic Ocean, 18 Miles from Lodge


Narraguagus River, 300 Yards Behind Lodge